Role of Grenada Sailing Association


The Grenada Sailing Association was formed as the national administrative body and registered in June, 1997. Currently, the Association works toward these goals:

  1. 1.Encourage, support and endorse yachting activities among GSA members in key areas including: Junior Sailing; Dinghy Racing; Keelboat Racing; Work Boat Racing and Community Sailing; Regattas and Sailing Events.

  2. 2.Provide guidance on rules governing sailing competitions and the conduct of sailing competitions among the members of the Association.

  3. 3.Exercise advisory jurisdiction over activities carried out by the members of the Association.

  4. 4.Foster and support educational programs and training for amateur yachtsmen, with particular emphasis on juniors and youth, for the long-term goal of participation in international, national and intersectional competitions.

  5. 5.Encourage and develop public interest in the participation of Grenadian sailors in all national, intersectional and international event.

  6. 6.Support and encourage all activities and events which promote Grenada as a destination for sailing and racing events.



           GSA liaisons with:

      Grenada Olympic Committee

                Ministry of Sports

           Grenada Tourism Board

Marine & Yachting Assn of Grenada



       GSA holds Grenada’s  

  National Membership with:

International Sailing Federation

     Royal Yachting Association

Int’l Optimist Dinghy Association

    Caribbean Sailing Association